Columbus Museum of Art

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a great week! March has definitely not given Ohio a break from the winter weather! With such cold temperatures outside, visiting the Columbus Museum of Art is the perfect way to take a break from the cold and enjoy a day of art and creativity!

The Columbus Museum of Art is located in the Discovery District of downtown Columbus. Initially named the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts and formed in 1878, the Columbus Museum of Art was the first art museum in Ohio. The original building was replaced in 1931 and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Before viewing the art collections and exhibits, take a few moments to appreciate the museum building. With beautiful art-deco style architecture, this well-restored building takes you back to the romance and style of the 1930’s. Inside, modern updates are paired with beautifully restored marbled staircases, detailed ceilings with vibrant colors and lovely chandeliers that stay true to the art-deco history.

CMA 10 CMA 1


The Columbus Museum of Art has a wonderful selection of art collections that represent the late nineteenth and early twentieth century American and European modern art, regional collections by world-renowned Columbus native artists, traveling exhibitions, and special organized exhibitions by the museum. Along with a great collection of art and exhibits, the Center for Creativity is the perfect place to explore your own creativity! The entire first floor is devoted for visitors to create, to explore, and to play in a creative environment. From adding your own touches to a public art display, creating figurines and sculptures, or drawing pictures it’s a fun way to share your creativity! I had fun creating a bouquet of flowers from twist ties in the Center for Creativity! The Wonder Room is a great place for kids to use their imagination in a creative atmosphere (my niece and nephew loved playing in the Wonder Room). Art is a great form of self-expression and brings out one’s originality! A visit to the Columbus Museum of Art will inspire your own inner imagination and creativity!




CMA 11 CMA 12

P.S. Did I mention that admission to the Columbus Museum of Art is FREE on Sundays!!

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