Nashville Part II


I hope you enjoyed Nashville Part I, with some of my favorite spots in Nashville. Although there are great places to visit in Nashville city limits, some of my personal favorite spots to visit in Nashville are outside of the city. Next time you get to Nashville, check out these great places in the surrounding suburbs of Nashville!

Loveless Café:

Loveless Café is a Nashville tradition. Since opening in 1951, the family owned business has turned into a national sensation. Keeping the original biscuit recipe, and the southern cooking, Loveless Cafe is a great restaurant to experience southern comfort food. The biscuits are delightful! I usually eat so many biscuits when I go, that I fall into a “biscuit trance”! Add some Loveless Cafe Clover and Wildflower Honey and/or the Loveless Café Apple Butter to those biscuits, and you might just feel like you are in heaven!! Try their amazing hash brown casserole and their country ham (which is salt cured). For me, it feels like I am eating in my southern-raised grandpa’s kitchen. While visiting, forget your diet and savor the southern comfort food! Life is too short to not eat Loveless Café when you visit Nashville!


Natchez Trace:

The Natchez Trace Parkway is a 444 mile long scenic parkway that begins in Mississippi, winds its way through Alabama, and ends in Tennessee near the Loveless Café. This scenic highway lures visitors with beautiful landscapes, historic sites, and at times complete solitude. Whether hiking, bicycling, driving, or riding a motorcycle, this scenic pass offers amazing views. We were the only people on the road for quite some time, with an occasional bicyclists passing by. With peaceful views of the Tennessee valleys and bridges, take a break from bustling Nashville and enjoy nature.

IMG_7044 IMG_7046

IMG_7050 IMG_7052

Arrington Vineyards:

Located approximately 30 minutes south of Nashville, Arrington Vineyards offers visitors wonderful wines and beautiful views. Arrington Vineyards opened in 2007 and is co-owned by Kix Brooks (from the famous country duo, Brooks and Dunn). With free wine tastings, acres of vines and picnic spots, and tree swings, this is the perfect spot to relax. This winery welcomes all visitors, with a family friendly atmosphere. Bring a picnic lunch or dinner and purchase a bottle of your favorite wine, then enjoy the views of the Tennessee hillside. My advice is to visit in the evening to enjoy a nice picnic dinner, wine, and an amazing sunset! One more tip for the ladies, wear flat shoes or sandals, it is very hilly! Arrington Vineyards is my favorite place to visit in Nashville!

DSCN4493 IMG_7018

IMG_7021 IMG_7027

Belle Meade Plantation:

This visit to Nashville, we did something that we have never done before, we visited the Belle Meade Plantation. This historic Nashville plantation offers visitors a tour of the main plantation house with a costumed guide providing a brief history of this establishment. After the tour, stroll through the gardens, and enjoy a free wine tasting with your tour ticket! The Winery at Belle Meade Plantation opened in 2009. Purchase a bottle of their wine and sit on the patio to enjoy the beautiful magnolia trees. This was such a great find in Nashville, history and wine together!

IMG_7062 IMG_7059

I hope you enjoyed my favorite spots in Nashville! Thanks for reading!


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Have you seen all the sights in Nashville and want to travel into Nashville’s suburbs instead? It certainly won’t disappoint. There are scenic parkways, family owned cafes, and delicious vineyards only a stone’s throw away from the city. Find out our favorite spots in Nashville’s suburbs and why we keep coming back for more! You’ll want to save this to your travel board.

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  1. Eric || The Bucket List Project says:

    Biscuits, free wine, and a wonderful scenic drive…you had me a biscuits! haha, but seriously the Loveless café sounds off the hook awesome! Living in New Orleans we used to drive parts of the Natchez Trace when touring the south, its wonderful. Did I mention the Loveless Café and their biscuits? I may have a problem. Thanks

    1. Hi Eric! Thanks for stopping by the blog! You HAVE to visit Loveless for their biscuits! I seriously get into a “biscuit trance” and eat so many biscuits coated with their honey! I really do have a Loveless biscuit problem! Lol! 😉 New Orleans has been on my list forever, but yet to make a visit! Hopefully soon! I will check out your blog! Safe travels! 🙂

  2. Charles McCool says:

    Arrington is super cool. Love that place.

    1. Thanks for visiting the blog, Charles! Arrington is one of my favorite places in the Nashville area! The perfect spot to have a picnic, drink some wine and watch the sunset over the Tennessee hills! 🙂

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