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Soine Vineyards is located just ten minutes north of Powell, Ohio. Established in 2003, this family owned vineyard offers visitors a quaint and family friendly atmosphere. Driving back the gravel driveway that leads to the winery, visitors are surrounded by the vines that yield the grapes that form the wine. As we drove down the gravel driveway, we spotted two friendly people whom were pruning and tending to the vines. Once inside the winery, we were greeted by Eric, the owner of the vineyard! He explained his vines, grapes, the chemical process of making Soine Vineyard wines, and presented a variety of red, white and blush tables wines to try during the wine tasting. Eric was very informative and pleased to be sharing Soine Vineyard wines with his visitors! As we finished our wine tasting, the two friendly faces whom were tending the grapes when we drove in, greeted us once again. Sandy and Tim, Eric’s parents, washed up from grape tending, and began to provide wine tastings to visitors. Not only does Soine Vineyards create great Ohio wines, the family atmosphere makes visitors feel right at home! Watching Eric, his wife Cherie, and his parents working together as a family, showcases the hard work that comes with owning a vineyard and winery. It gave me a sense of pride that there are still family owned businesses operating in Ohio!

With twelve types (and their list is growing!) of wines, Soine Vineyards offers visitors a variety of red, white, and blush table wines. After a wine tasting, we purchased a bottle of sweet red wine, Autumn Harvest, and enjoyed it in the tasting room (due to the rainy weather, we couldn’t enjoy the outdoor patio). Dan’s Deli Food Cart and the band, Morgan After Group provided visitors with food and live entertainment. After the rain stopped, we enjoyed our wine on the outside patio with vines and corn fields surrounding us, the atmosphere was a perfect match for enjoying a glass of Soine Vineyards wine! With good atmosphere, good company, and good wine, I was one happy girl! If you are a wine lover, visit this family owned vineyard and taste great Ohio wines! Cheers to Soine Vineyards for providing lovely Ohio wines!

Soine Vineyards Soine Vineyards

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