7 Good Reasons to Visit Israel Now

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Excitement was the tone set by every Israeli that I spoke with, and most were surprised that I was visiting as a tourist and not for business. Keep reading for my top 7 reasons to visit Israel now!

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While I can’t deny the news-making headlines about the violence in Israel, I can write about my personal experiences while I was visiting Israel.

Israel is said to be the land of creation. Thus, thousands of years of history can be found in Israel. In fact, the oldest human remains (outside of Africa) were found in northern Israel.

1. History

With its compact size, visitors can see most tourist attractions, countryside, and experience the real Israel in a small amount of time.

2. Size

With diverse natural landscapes throughout Israel, these ecosystems are home to numerous plant and animal species.

3. Beautiful Landscapes

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With hundreds of miles of Mediterranean coastline and year-round warm temperatures, a visit to Israel is perfect anytime of the year.

4. Climate

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Regardless of one’s religious views, every visitor can connect to the sense of spirituality that is present in Israel!

5. Religious Sites

Israel is a melting pot of cultures and religions (like the United States), making Israeli cuisine diverse and delicious.

6. Food and Wine

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