7 Reasons to Visit Israel Now

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From modern, vibrant cities to traditional, ancient cities, holy religious sites, differing landscapes from mountains to deserts, several bodies of water, the delicious food and wine, and of course the hospitable Israelis, Israel is a welcoming Middle Eastern oasis!

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 I encourage you to visit Israel, there is so much to experience in this wonderful country!

1. History:

Israel is said to be the land of creation. Thus, thousands of years of history can be found in Israel. In fact, the oldest human remains (outside of Africa) were found in northern Israel.

2. Size:

With its compact size, visitors can see most tourist attractions, countryside, and experience the real Israel in a small amount of time.

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3. Beautiful Landscapes:

Israel boasts many varying landscapes. From lush green mountains, desert plains, rocky desert mountains, several differing bodies of water, and natural waterfalls and hot springs visitors will be surprised at the varied sceneries that encompass Israel. 

4. Climate:

Israel’s location along the Mediterranean Sea makes for the ideal year-round climate.

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5. Religious Sites:

The history of three major religions originate in Israel. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism’s most holy of sites are found within the walls of the iconic Old City of Jerusalem.

6. Food and Wine:

Israel is a melting pot of cultures and religions (like the United States), making Israeli cuisine diverse and delicious.

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