8 Must-See Hocking Hills, Ohio Attractions


As Ohio’s most visited state park, Hocking Hills State Park welcomes visitors to explore its 2,356-acres of stunning natural scenery.


Marveling at the breathtaking landscapes is one of the best things to do in Hocking Hills and there’s plenty of natural formations that are a must see in Hocking Hills.

8 must see Hocking Hills, Ohio attractions to your Hocking Hills bucket list

Must See Hocking Hills Attractions

Hocking Hills’ natural rock formations are carved in various compositions of Black Hand Sandstone which makes remarkable cliffs, caves and gorges throughout the region.

All Ohio State Parks have free admission and are great to explore year-round!

Hocking Hills attractions you need to check out!

The trails can be a bit treacherous in some areas of the park. Trails with varying degrees of difficulty are clearly mapped in the park and there are a few paved trails for less active hikers.

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