A Few of my Favorite Photos in Europe

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Lately, I have been reminiscing about a few of my favorite travel moments in Europe. 

Flight Path

I have been fortunate to visit many great European cities, and just wanted to share some of my favorite photos from a few of my favorite cities…Enjoy!

London, England

London always feels like home to me. Maybe, because it was the first European city I ever visited.

Maybe because I have had the privilege to visit London over a dozen times over the years and have wonderful family friends that welcome me into their home every time I visit.

For whatever reason, London and I will forever have a love affair that will stay in my heart for eternity!

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These mystical stones have lured visitors to the Salisbury Plain for centuries and historians have long pondered the existence of Stonehenge. 

Stonehenge, England

With its enormous stones and the interlocking joints, this collection of stones is unlike any other prehistoric stone monument!

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I think the mystical stones were working in my favor on the day I visited, as the brilliant “rare” autumn sun shined brightly above!

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