A Journey through Petra

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I have always been a geography and history lover, and I can remember reading about the intriguing “lost city” of Petra and looking at beautiful photographs of this ancient Middle Eastern city. 

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I have been waiting my entire life to visit Petra, never did I think I would actually be able to see this ancient rose-colored city with my own eyes!

History of Petra:

Petra is more than two thousand years old! Once a thriving trade center and the capital city of the Nabataean empire, after a large earthquake and changes in trade routes, Petra was abandoned for hundreds of years.

5 Things You Need to See in Petra:

You truly have to experience Petra with your own eyes and mind to be able to comprehend this vast and magnificent Wonder of the World!

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With monuments and tombs carved into the rock by the ancient Nabataeans, visitors get their first glimpse of the intricate carvings of this ancient civilization.

The Bab Al Siq:

The Siq:

The narrow gorge leads visitors on a spectacular 1 km (not quite a mile) walk towards Petra! The dazzlingly red, pink, and purple hues of the naturally carved gorge, seem to change colors with every step!

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The Treasury (Al Khazneh):

With a beautiful red-carved façade that has intricate details of Corinthian columns, decorative bands, female deities, mythological figures, and other creatures that have withstood thousands of years of weathered elements.

The Theater:

This semicircular amphitheater is carved into the solid rock.

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