Lake Erie Wine Country consists of the largest grape-growing region east of the Rocky Mountains.

With beautiful rolling hills of vineyards, welcoming farms and farm markets, and glimpses of Lake Erie, a drive through Lake Erie Wine Country is quite inviting!

Located in the heart of Pennsylvania’s grape-growing region is one of the state’s largest and longest established wineries, Penn Shore Winery and Vineyards.

Visitors are greeted by friendly staff, enjoy wine tastings, take a self-guided tour of the winery, and gaze out the vineyard patio at what appears to be endless vineyards.

From whites, reds, or sparking to dry, semi-sweet or sweet, wine lovers will find a wine to satisfy any palate at Penn Shore Winery and Vineyards!

Initially established in 1864, South Shore Wine Company was the first commercial winery in Lake Erie County.

With a beautiful stone wine cavern, originally built in 1860’s, the French-style stone grotto is one of few grottos of its kind in the United States!

Feeling the coolness of the stones throughout the cavern, one can feel the history and heritage of the winery and Pennsylvania.

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