Nestled along the banks of the Ohio River, Cincinnati is a thriving Ohio city where new and old coexist and where the Midwest and the South converge.

Nicknamed the “Queen City” due to its tremendous growth shortly after settlement in the 1700’s, the city seems to be beaming with pride at her newly shined crown.

Take a self-guided bridge walking tour to discover lovely views of Cincinnati’s riverfront and skyline and marvel at each bridge’s unique architecture.

Take a Self-Guided Bridge Walking Tour

Sitting as the highest elevated building in the city, the Carew Tower, built in 1930, is Cincinnati’s second tallest building.

Enjoy Sky High Views from atop the Carew Tower

After a decade-long revitalization, the beautiful historic neighborhood is once again the cultural hub of the city.

Visit Over-the-Rhine

With more than 40 indoor merchants selling meat, fish, produce, flowers, and specialty foods, Findlay Market is a great way to sample the local flavors of Cincinnati.

Explore Findlay Market

With hundreds of fascinating artifacts from the last 200+ years, this museum is a history enthusiast’s dream!

Visit the American Sign Museum

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