Best Motorcycle Rides In Ohio: The Scenic Windy 9

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Looking for the best motorcycle rides in Ohio to cruise your motorcycle on? Look no further than the Ohio’s Windy 9 in southeastern Ohio – a collection of the best motorcycle routes in Ohio.

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From twists and turns, hairpin curves and long, easy cruising roads, the Windy 9 has a route for every level of motorcycle rider!

Local attractions along the route are Miner’s Memorial Park, Underground Railroad Historical Marker and the Stockport Lock and Dam.

Route 1: Rim of the World

Distance: 87 miles

The “Southern Dip” is the ultimate cruising ride, no sharp twists or turns, just gentle curves, the open road and the scenic Ohio River!

Route 2: Southern Dip

Distance: 94 miles

This ride will have you passing through the towns of Chauncey, New Straitsville, Logan and returning you back to Athens.

Route 3: Hocking Hills Nipper

Distance: 93 miles

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With only a few gentle curves, riders can let the road lead them leisurely alongside the Hocking and Ohio Rivers.

Route 4: Lazy Rivers

Distance: 101 miles

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Local attractions along this route are the Lake Hope State Park, Zaleski State Forest and the Underground Railroad in Albany.

Route 5: Zaleski Zipper

Distance: 51 miles

This route will take riders through Amesville, Sharpsburg, Chesterhill, Watertown, Marietta then returning to Athens.

Route 6: Pioneer Pass

Distance: 105 miles

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