Chocolate is for Lovers Wine Trail

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The Chocolate is for Lovers Wine Trail was the perfect way to sample wonderful Ohio wines.

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Ashtabula County, the city of Geneva, and surrounding towns have a special environment that showcases Ohio’s beautiful vineyards.

The Lake Erie Vines and Wines Trail 

consists of more than twenty local wineries scattered near the south shore of Lake Erie.

This region has more wineries per square mile than any other region in Ohio and has over half of the grape acreage in the state of Ohio.

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Grand River Cellars Winery and Restaurant

was established in 1976 in Madison, Ohio. The primary focus in the 1970’s was on wine production and growing of quality grapes.

Now, almost forty years later, the Grand Rivers Cellars is a well-known winery that boosts several varieties of wine and a restaurant.

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Debonné Vineyards

Located in Madison, Ohio, the winery has roots as a fruit farm in 1916, the vineyard was expanded in the 1960’s, and the winery was established in 1972.

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