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Although most visitors flock to the area during the warmer months for outdoor adventures, Hocking Hills, Ohio in the winter offers visitors a more peaceful getaway.

Keep reading for fun Hocking Hills winter activities to enjoy the magic of the frosty season!

Explore giant ice formations, snow-covered landscapes, serene hiking trails, and admire millions of dazzling stars in the Hocking Hills winter—plenty of activities to keep you engaged!

Take A Winter Hocking Hills Hike

I personally love hiking in the cold, with the crisp winter air and a thin blanket of snow that seems to make the surrounding nature even more magical!

A few of my favorite places for a winter hike in Hocking Hills are Ash Cave, Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls and Rock House. A winter hike is one of my preferred winter activities in Hocking Hills!

Star Gaze

There’s nothing better than looking up to a clear sky full of twinkling stars! In Hocking Hills, you will have wide open spaces and less light pollution to enjoy the celestial views.

Make a Bonfire and Roast S’mores

No bonfire is complete without S’mores! Grab some marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars to create a delectable fireside snack!

Pamper yourself with a Spa Day

Whether a day of pampering for yourself, a girlfriend’s getaway or a couple’s retreat, a spa day is the perfect way to relax and unwind.