Although there are great places to visit in Nashville city limits, some of my personal favorite spots to visit in Nashville are outside of the city.

Next time you get to Nashville, check out these great places in the surrounding suburbs of Nashville!

Try their amazing hash brown casserole and their country ham (which is salt cured). For me, it feels like I am eating in my southern-raised grandpa’s kitchen.

Loveless Café

While visiting, forget your diet and savor the southern comfort food! Life is too short to not eat Loveless Café when you visit Nashville!

This scenic highway lures visitors with beautiful landscapes, historic sites, and at times complete solitude.

Natchez Trace

Whether hiking, bicycling, driving, or riding a motorcycle, this scenic pass offers amazing views.

With free wine tastings, acres of vines and picnic spots, and tree swings, this is the perfect spot to relax.

Arrington Vineyards

This historic Nashville plantation offers visitors a tour of the main plantation house with a costumed guide providing a brief history of this establishment.

Belle Meade Plantation

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