Porto is located north of Lisbon, and is Portugal’s second largest city. Taking a wonderfully scenic 2 ½-3 hour train ride from Lisbon, allows visitors to see more of Portugal’s beautiful countryside.

With centuries of history, beautifully tiled building facades, and the perfect setting along the banks of the Douro River, Porto is a delight to visit!

Lello Bookshop is a dream for book-lovers like myself! This bookshop opened in 1906 and has a beautiful neo-gothic style.

Lello Bookshop:

Porto showcases the beauty of these Portuguese treasures with tiled facades on numerous buildings, churches, and train stations.

Portuguese Tiles:

The churches of Santo Ildefonso and Igreja do Carmo, have a fantastic blue-tiled facade that are just too incredible to miss!!

A stroll along the banks of the Douro River and the Ribeira district is the perfect way to spend an afternoon in Porto!

Strolling the Riverfront Ribeira:

The port-wine lodges are scattered about the banks of the Douro River, welcoming guests to taste their port and tour their port-making facilities.

Visiting Port Lodges and Tasting Port:

With delightful elements that evoke a style long forgotten, visitors are transformed to another era while drinking their coffee!

Majestic Café:

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