Exploring the Dead Sea

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Although Israel holds many great historical artifacts, religious sites and ancient cities, for many people the highlight of Israel is floating in the Dead Sea.

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Ancient artifacts, beautiful landscapes, differing terrains, and a visit to the lowest point on Earth, exploring the Judean Desert-Dead Sea region is an awe-inspiring day excursion in Israel!

History of the Dead Sea:

The Dead Sea formed thousands of years ago by fault lines shifting in the Earth’s crust, creating the basin where the Dead Sea is now located.

The Dead Sea region has been utilized for thousands of years as a refuge for King Herod, and eventually became the site of Queen Cleopatra’s cosmetic empire.

Walking into the water you can feel a salty film coat your skin, if you have any cuts or scratches take a deep breath because it will sting!

Floating in the Dead Sea:

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It is recommended to stay in the Dead Sea for only 15-20 minutes at a time so you don’t become dehydrated and be sure to drink lots of water afterwards.

Tips for visiting the Dead Sea:

With the high salt concentrations, cuts and scrapes will burn. I would also recommend not shaving prior to your visit as shaving can also cause skin irritation.

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The Dead Sea floor has a rough, rock salt surface instead of sand. If you have sensitive feet wear water shoes or flip flops to wade into the water.

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