Exploring Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan

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After my breathtaking visit to Petra, I knew I needed to explore more of Jordan! Thankfully, the Tourist Israel tour included a visit to both Petra and Wadi Rum!

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Although my time in Jordan was brief, I feel so grateful to have experienced Jordanian hospitality and the amazing landscape that encompasses Jordan!

Wadi Rum has over 25,000 petroglyphs, 20,000 inscriptions, and 154 archeological sites that can date human existence in this desert for over 12,000 years!

History of Wadi Rum Desert

With arid and harsh conditions, it is hard to imagine living in the desert, but the Bedouins have inhabited Wadi Rum for hundreds (if not thousands) of years.

There are many ways to explore the magnificent Wadi Rum desert. By foot, camel, 4×4, hot air balloon, or plane, but with the vastness of the desert, a guide is recommended.

How to explore Wadi Rum

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I explored Wadi Rum from the back of a pickup truck with a local Bedouin guide. For a few hours, he and I were the only two in the desert (at least the section of Wadi Rum that we explored)!

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Bait Ali Camp and rest-area is an oasis in the Wadi Rum desert. Located on the edge of the new Wadi Rum Nature Reserve.

Where to Stay

As I lay on my cot in the middle of the Wadi Rum desert, I fell asleep with a smile upon my face grateful for this amazing Jordanian experience!

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