I love Nashville, my husband and I have visited a dozen times in the last 2 years! Such a nice getaway from Columbus, plus having family to visit makes it even better!

With a local’s perspective, I get a better understanding of Nashville neighborhoods, and we typically do less touristy things.

If you can, visit Broadway during the day and night. During the day, Broadway is a great area to shop, dine, and listen to live music. But at night, Broadway literally lights up!


With the ambiance of live country music, the history of the honky tonk’s, and marveling at the neon signs, you know you are in Nashville!

Visit the interior of the Parthenon to find an art museum, the history of the Parthenon, and the 42-foot tall statue of Athena.

West End/ Midtown/Vanderbilt Campus

Midtown/Vanderbilt Campus offers visitors great restaurants and bars. This walkable area is also home to one of my favorite bars in town, The Patterson House.

Walk down the streets to visit local boutiques, shops, and restaurants. Eat handmade, stone-oven pizza at Mafiaoza’s Pizzeria and Neighborhood Pub.

12 South

Eat on their patio and enjoy a carafe of wine served in an Erlenmeyer flask!!

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