Flying Tips and Review of Spirit Airlines

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Flying with a low-cost carrier, like Spirit Airlines, can be a great alternative to the “big name” commercial airline carriers.

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 Travelers just have to know how the fares work and what is included with the fare. Continue reading for my flying tips and review of Spirit Airlines.

Prior to our flight, we checked-in online and printed our boarding passes at home, knowing that Spirit charges $10 per ticket to print them at the airport.


Spirit Airlines boasts having one of the youngest fleets flying the skies. The interior cabin was clean and their “cozy seating” isn’t as bad as one might think.

Boarding and Seating:

We had an enjoyable roundtrip onboard experience with Spirit Airlines. Our flight attendants were pleasant and did their jobs with a smile.

Flight Experience:

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We decided to have a "celebration cocktail" onboard to kick off our weekend getaway with a high-flying cheer! We took advantage of Spirit's "drink and snack bundles" and bundled our beverages.

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When flying with Spirit, like any other purchase in life, an educated consumer makes for a happy consumer. Travelers should teach themselves before purchasing flights, hotels, car rentals, tours, etc.

Overall, we had a positive and pleasant first-time flying experience with Spirit Airlines and enjoyed our weekend getaway.

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