Fort Wayne, India: 8 Reasons to Visit

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Located in the northeastern corner of Indiana, Fort Wayne is the second largest city in the state.

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With a walkable downtown, an up-and-coming art scene, historical attractions, river activities and a delicious food scene, Fort Wayne welcomes visitors to explore its Midwestern charms.

Here are my top 8 reasons to visit Fort Wayne, Indiana!

I love visiting cities that have a walkable downtown district, making it easier to experience the true vibe of the city!

1. Downtown District

The city is named after General “Mad” Anthony Wayne, who in 1794, established the first American military fort along the confluence of the three rivers.

2. History

I would also suggest visiting the historic Embassy Theatre and several of the local art galleries and boutiques throughout the city!

3. Art Scene

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Recent renewal of the riverfront allows locals and visitors alike to explore the natural outdoor setting.

4. Waterfront/river activities

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In 1979, Chuck Surack began creating song mixes for local bands with his 4-track recording studio in the back of his Volkswagen van.

5. Sweetwater Sound

Looking for a fun day at the ball park? Attend a TinCaps baseball game at Parkview Field in downtown Fort Wayne!

6. Fort Wayne TinCaps Baseball

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