Gallipolis In Lights: A Festive Ohio Christmas Town


This free, family-friendly event is all about celebrating Christmas in Ohio, with hundreds of trees decorated by local volunteers. Gallipolis in Lights is a time-honored Christmas tradition of Southern Ohio.

 A volunteer committee was formed, and the Gallipolis City Park Christmas Lights has grown each year to now include more than 300 decorated Christmas trees and light balls!

Gallipolis in Lights

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How Many Christmas Lights are at Gallipolis in Lights?

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Gallipolis in Lights is all about the trees. The event started with 300 light balls decorating Gallipolis City Park, and today has more than 2,000 light balls, plus over 300 trees decorated with thousands of twinkling lights.

Special events have included a dancing tree farm, fireworks, a live nativity and workshops leading up to the season. It’s hard to believe that in just seven years, a simple Facebook call-out has helped Gallipolis, Ohio become one of the best places to visit for Christmas in Ohio.

Gallipolis in Lights

This special Christmas Ohio event kicks starts the day before Thanksgiving and continues through January 2. 

How Much Does Gallipolis in Lights Cost?

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Surprisingly, one of the best Christmas activities in Ohio is completely free. Donations are welcome, and you can also support the event by purchasing a t-shirt or sweatshirt online.

Where is Gallipolis in Lights?

Gallipolis in Lights takes place in the Gallipolis City Park, along the waterfront in downtown Gallipolis.

Gallipolis in Lights is a reminder that with the support and generosity of the local community, Christmas dreams can come true. 

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