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Jerusalem is unlike any city that I have visited before. The combination of ancient ruins, religious churches and sites, and modern neighborhoods, make Jerusalem an eclectic and spiritual city.

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With so much to explore in Jerusalem, one could spend days discovering the gems of this remarkable city.

With numerous religious sites throughout Jerusalem, I would recommend to dress modestly and to be respectful of every religion, even if you have differing opinions!

Old City Highlights:

With its labyrinth of narrow streets and hidden alleys, the Old City of Jerusalem is an explorer’s dream. The Old City holds some of the world’s most significant religious sites within its centuries’ old stone walls.

Mount Zion:

Mount Zion, although not technically within the city walls, is a brief walk outside of Jaffa Gate. Significant religious sites in Mount Zion are the Room of the Last Supper and the Tomb of David.

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Room of the Last Supper:

The Room of the Last Supper is where Jesus and his disciples celebrated the ceremonial Passover meal, which later became known as the “Last Supper” (Mark 14).

Tomb of David:

King David, the “great” Israelite king of the 10th century BC, was buried within the “City of David” (the Bible’s name for Jerusalem).

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Jewish Quarter:

The Jewish Quarter is the oldest quarter, but newest neighborhood in Jerusalem. The maze of winding cobblestone streets charms visitors now, but after the War of Independence, this quarter was abandoned for a generation.

Western Wall:

The Western Wall is the holiest and most important shrine in the Jewish faith. Visitors can view the wall from afar, pray at the wall, or place a note within the cracks of the stone.

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