The Best Hocking Hills Hiking Trails

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The Hocking Hills area of Ohio is full of fantastic hiking trails.

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From short, accessible trails to longer more challenging routes, you’ll be amazed at the gorges, waterfalls, caves, and forests to be explored.

Ash Cave Gorge and Rim Trails

It’s the largest recessed cave east of the Mississippi River and a nice easy hike for all ages.

Cantwell Cliffs

For a more challenging Hocking Hills hiking experience, the Cantwell Cliffs trail is short but steep and offers amazing scenery in a more remote area of Hocking Hills.

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Cedar Falls

The waters of Queer Creek plunge 50 feet into a pool where dogs and kids can splash to their hearts’ content.

Old Man’s Cave

The trail is located near the visitor center and features a stream, several waterfalls, picturesque bridge views, and of course, a Old Man’s Cave.

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Rock House

The cave has been used by people and animals for centuries, as the high walls offer protection and cool air from the outside,

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with several natural windows to look out over the surrounding forest.

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