Drive along on curvy and winding roads to enjoy the scenic landscapes or hike on the many trails within the state park.

With so much to do, and stunning natural scenery, Hocking Hills is the perfect Ohio escape for the day or weekend!

Cedar Falls is located in the valley of Queer Creek. Descend the almost 100 steps down into the valley, and take in beautiful views of the forest, rock walls, and Queer Creek.

Follow the trail over a small bridge that will lead you to the falls. Cedar Falls is the largest waterfall (by water volume) in the Hocking Hills area.

Old Man’s Cave is the most popular scenic area in Hocking Hills. This breathtaking cave allows visitors to contemplate nature and be amazed at the natural rock formation.

The approximately half-mile gorge, allows visitors to marvel at the Blackhand sandstone and the beautiful landscape.

Hocking Hills is a nature enthusiast and photographer’s dream! Make a visit to Hocking Hills to explore some of Ohio’s best natural landscapes.

It is the perfect escape to get back to nature and marvel in the stunning landscapes that make Ohio so beautiful!

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