Whether you are taking a romantic weekend, a family vacation, or a solo trip, there’s no reason to leave your dog at home when you visit Hocking Hills.

The whole area is super pet-friendly, and there’s not shortage of pet friendly things to do in Hocking Hills, Ohio. Keep reading for our dog-friendly Hocking Hills guide.

The short answer is yes, but there are limitations to where your pet can go. Most dog friendly Hocking Hills locations do require your dog to be leashed.

Are Dogs Allowed In Hocking Hills?

There are hundreds of miles of hiking trails, and most of them are pet friendly!

Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails

The cool creeks of Hocking Hills State Park are a great way to keep your dog cool while hiking.

Hocking Hills Swimming Holes

Sometimes it’s not enough to let your dog tag along on your human adventures. Dogs deserve a place all their own!

Hocking Hills Dog Parks

Whether you are a camper or a luxury traveler, there’s a pet-friendly accommodation choice for you and your dog.

Overnight Getaway

Start planning your pet friendly getaway with these fun pet friendly things to do in Hocking Hills Ohio!

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