Hocking Hills Pet Friendly Trails

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The Hocking Hills region has some of the best hiking trails in Ohio. Fortunately, many Hocking Hills hiking trails are also pet-friendly, so you can bring your hiking dog along with you.

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There’s plenty of Hocking Hills trails for dogs to choose from. Many of the Hocking Hills dog-friendly trails connect to one another, so you can string several of these together for a longer hike.

Ash Cave Gorge and Rim Trails

This is the perfect trail for dogs new to hiking, or dogs you are trying to socialize, as you’ll pass many other visitors on the trail.

Cedar Falls

In just ½ mile, you reach a beautiful waterfall and pool where your dog can splash around and cool off.

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Old Man’s Cave

Another short hiking trail in Hocking Hills is the one-mile round trip to Old Man’s Cave.

Cantwell Cliffs

If you have an active dog who can handle a steep trail and lots of steps, then this is a fun trail with fewer crowds.

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Hemlock Bridge Trail to Whispering Cave

Another large cave to visit in Hocking Hills is the Whispering Cave. The cave is nearly 300 feet wide, with a 100-foot waterfall pouring over the rim.

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