Hocking Hills Pet Friendly Trails


The Hocking Hills region has some of the best hiking trails in Ohio. Fortunately, many Hocking Hills hiking trails are also pet-friendly, so you can bring your hiking dog along with you. Keep reading to learn about our favorite Hocking Hills pet friendly trails.

There’s plenty of Hocking Hills trails for dogs to choose from. Many of the Hocking Hills dog-friendly trails connect to one another, so you can string several of these together for a longer hike.

Hocking Hills Pet Friendly Trails

Flight Path

Ash Cave Gorge and Rim Trails

Flight Path

Ash Cave is one of the most popular trails in the Hocking Hills. The Ash Cave Gorge trail is a short, paved trail that is only ¼-mile each way. This is the perfect trail for dogs new to hiking, or dogs you are trying to socialize, as you’ll pass many other visitors on the trail.

The seasonal waterfall at the end is a great place for your dog to cool off and the cave provides a cool respite on a warm day. If they do ok with the walk-in, you might consider taking the Rim Trail back to the parking lot. Just take the steps up to the rim of the gorge. Or, you can continue on for 2.3 miles to Cedar Falls.

Cedar Falls

One of the most photographed spots in Hocking Hills is also one of the best Hocking Hills trails for dogs. In just ½ mile, you reach a beautiful waterfall and pool where your dog can splash around and cool off.

Old Man’s Cave

Flight Path

Another short hiking trail in Hocking Hills is the one-mile round trip to Old Man’s Cave. Located near the Old Man’s Cave Visitor Center, this ½-mile trail features a stream and several waterfalls before you reach the cave where an old man really did live in the late 18th century.

Cantwell Cliffs

If you have an active dog who can handle a steep trail and lots of steps, then this is a fun trail with fewer crowds.

Having so many Hocking Hills pet friendly trails is truly a privilege, and something dog owners should never take for granted. There are certain rules we all need to abide by, not only to ensure our dogs are happy and safe on the trail, but also to ensure these trails remain open to dogs for years to come.

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Flight Path