When I booked my trip to Israel, I knew I HAD to visit Jordan! I was traveling alone, and I expected to receive backlash from my family and friends about my solo trip to the Middle East!

Given that I have visited the Middle East before, and I am familiar with Middle Eastern travel etiquette, I tried to convince my concerned circle of loved-ones that I would return safe and sound!

Most reactions were quite typical, “Are you crazy?” “You are going ALONE to the Middle East?” and my favorite response “You probably won’t make it back alive!”

Although I consider myself to be an experienced traveler and have traveled alone before, I admittedly became nervous about traveling alone in Jordan!

So, taking into account all my Jordanian research, positive energy, inward thoughts, and using all my courage, this 5-foot tall, blonde country girl from Ohio booked a solo trip to Jordan!

Guess what? It was one of THE best travel decisions that I have ever made!

My short adventure in Jordan, left me feeling exhilarated! My Jordanian experiences, the wonderful people I met, and the pride that comes with achieving a goal have brought me so much joy!

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