Lisbon, Portugal Part I

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Portugal is located in Western Europe bordered by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal is roughly the size of the state of Indiana, with Lisboa (Lisbon) being its capital and most populated city.

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With charming clay-tiled roofed buildings, cobblestone and mosaic streets and sidewalks, friendly locals, and breezes from the Rio Tejo (Tagus River) Lisboa captivates visitors.


Public transportation in Lisbon is clean, efficient, and easily navigated. Whether taking the bus, metro, funicular, or trolley, visitors will safely arrive to their destination.

To use Lisbon’s transit, visitors need either a Viva Viagem reloadable card which works on most public transport.

Exploring Alfama Neighborhood:

Exploring Alfama neighborhood, visitors are reminded of historic relevance of this district, which dates to sixth century and was once occupied by Visigoth’s and Moors.

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This area is also one of the few places in Lisbon that survived the 1755 earthquake. Alfama has charming and tangled streets that one can easily get lost in while exploring this district.

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Exploring Baixa Neighborhood:

The Baixa neighborhood is Lisbon’s historic downtown.

After the earthquake of 1755, this district was rebuilt using a grid street plan and is easier to navigate for visitors than the Alfama district.

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