Lisbon, Protugal  Part II

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With so many wonderful things to see and do in Lisbon, just one blog post wasn’t enough.

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Continuing my tour of Lisbon’s eclectic neighborhoods, this post will guide you through the Bairro Alto and Belém districts of Portugal’s capital city.

Exploring Bairro Alto Neighborhood:

The Bairro Alto neighborhood is one of the most charming districts in Lisbon.

Designed in the 16th century with a grid-plan layout, cobbled sidewalks, and narrow streets, this working class neighborhood once housed ship workers, centuries ago.

Exploring Belém District:

Belém is approximately three miles west of downtown Lisbon.

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The Belém district houses many important sights from Portugal’s Golden Age and was the send-off point for ship voyages during the Age of Discovery. 

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Most of the buildings in Belém survived the 1755 earthquake, so visitors are treated to beautiful and stately buildings reminiscent of pre-earthquake Lisbon.

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