Morrow Ohio's Christmas Ranch

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Ever wondered what one million dancing Christmas lights look like? You can find out at The Christmas Ranch, a magical Christmas town in Ohio.

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Featured nationally on HGTV, Good Morning America and Country Living, The Christmas Ranch in Morrow, Ohio is one of the best places to visit for Christmas in Ohio!

The Christmas Ranch In Morrow Ohio

If you are looking for family-friendly Christmas activities in Ohio, you definitely need to experience The Christmas Ranch!

The Christmas Ranch becomes one of the most dazzling Christmas towns in Ohio, with over one million dancing lights.

How Many Christmas Lights Are At The Christmas Ranch?

The Christmas Ranch is open daily from Friday, November 18 through Friday, December 23, 2022.

The Christmas Ranch 2022 Dates & Hours

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It is $22 per carload to enter the Christmas Ranch, vans with ten or more passengers pay $33.

How Much Does The Christmas Ranch Cost?

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Santa’s Bakery & Cafe is the perfect pit stop as you explore the Christmas activities at the Ranch.

Where Can I Eat At The Christmas Ranch?

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Make sure you have warm clothes, a hat, and gloves so you can truly enjoy the feeling of Christmas in Ohio.

What To Bring To The Christmas Ranch?

Photo Courtesy of The Christmas Ranch

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