Pet Friendly Things To Do In Hocking Hills, Ohio

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Hocking Hills is one of Ohio’s best destinations for a weekend getaway. The whole area is super pet-friendly, and there’s not shortage of pet friendly things to do in Hocking Hills, Ohio.

Are Dogs Allowed In Hocking Hills?

The short answer is yes, but there are limitations to where your pet can go. Most dog friendly Hocking Hills locations do require your dog to be leashed.

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There are hundreds of miles of hiking trails, and most of them are pet friendly! Leashed dogs are welcome on all state park trails in the area. Hocking Hills State Park has seven unique hiking areas, all of which are pet friendly.

Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails

If your pup loves a good road trip, then roll down the windows and hit the Hocking Hills Scenic Byway. The road delivers you to each of the six unique hiking areas of Hocking Hills State Park, so you can stretch your legs a bit and take in some waterfalls, caves, and cliffs.

Hocking Hills Scenic Drive

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After a day of driving or hiking in the Hocking Hills, don’t miss the opportunity to look up at the extraordinary night sky. The distance from any near cities gives you a good chance at seeing a lot more stars than you would in the city.


The cool creeks of Hocking Hills State Park are a great way to keep your dog cool while hiking. Lake Hope State Park, Lake Logan State Park, Tar Hollow State Park, and Lake Alma State Park all have swimming spots that are open to dogs.

Hocking Hills Swimming Holes

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Dogs deserve a place all their own! Luckily, there are several dog parks and off-leash areas near Hocking Hills.

Hocking Hills Dog Parks

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