Hit The Open Road With These 21 Road Trip Tips


The call of the open road lures millions of road-trippers each year. 

Once you’ve taken an amazing road trip, you’ll understand why so many people opt to drive to their destination than fly. 

Research routes, roadside attractions and hotels or campgrounds prior to your road trip.

Plan your perfect road trip with these 21 Road Trip Tips

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Have a rough itinerary but be flexible.

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Make a list prior to your trip and check it off so you don’t forget anything.

Prior to your road trip check your vehicle’s oil, tire pressure, wiper blades, brakes, spare tire, air-conditioning and wiper, radiator and transmission fluids.

Start your trip with a full tank of gas and fuel up at your local Marathon station.

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Pack a First-Aid Kit.

Include bandages, gauze, tape, pain reliever, motion sickness meds, upset stomach meds, and allergy meds.

Make sure your car has a set of Jumper cables, a flashlight, spare tire kit, ice scraper for winter destinations, a few towels and small tool kit.

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