Seven Reasons to Take a Trip to Monterey County, California

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Monterey County is home to more than a dozen charming towns, miles of beautiful coastline, amazing scenic drives and some of the best landscapes in California!

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With so much to explore, here are my top 7 reasons to visit Monterey County, California.

With more than 35,000 sea creatures representing over 550 species, the nearly 200 exhibits at Monterey Bay Aquarium provides a glimpse of sea life within the Pacific Ocean.

1. Monterey Bay Aquarium

Whether strolling the beaches, hiking the parks, viewing wildlife, kayaking the ocean or driving the coastline, Monterey County is a nature-lover’s dream!

2. Breathtaking Scenery

We spent a few hours with a local driver exploring the best of Monterey’s wineries, it was the perfect afternoon for a wine lover like myself!

3. Wineries

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Monterey County has nearly 100 miles of coastline that drivers can cruise along coast hugging roads that leads you to some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States!

4. Scenic Drives

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Born and raised in Salinas, the Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winning author John Steinbeck, based several novels in Monterey County.

5. Steinbeck

Somewhere along the 17-Mile Drive, I sat on a bench and watched the waves roll into the shore as the sea otters frolicked in the waves.

6. Wildlife Viewing

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