The Best Things To Do In Union County, Ohio

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Have you ever visited a place and it just feels like home? That’s exactly how I feel whenever I visit Union County, Ohio. With welcoming communities, picturesque landscapes, historical architecture, beautiful covered bridges, agritourism experiences and outdoor adventures, you’ll find plenty of fun things to do in Union County, Ohio!

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Union County is located in West Central Ohio, approximately 30 miles north of Downtown Columbus. If you’re looking for fun things to do near Columbus, Ohio, you can escape the hustle and bustle of the state capital in under 30 minutes to Union County’s peaceful landscapes.

Union County, Ohio Location

Things to do in Union County, Ohio

There are many fun things to do in Union County, whether you want to spend time at one of the quaint historic towns, search for covered bridges, learn about agritourism or explore the beautiful countryside with a scenic drive along an Ohio Byway, you’ll find many options to fill your Ohio weekend getaway.

Covered Bridges

Union County is home to some of the prettiest covered bridges in Ohio. With five historic bridges (designed and built by Reuben L. Partridge, a resident of Marysville) and three modern bridges, the best way to see all of them is to download the official driving tour map of Union County’s covered bridges.

The annual Dine on a Covered Bridge Event takes place on the historic Pottersburg Bridge.

The historic bridge was originally built in 1868, extensive repairs were made in 1949 and in 2006, the bridge was moved and now sits on the 1.9-mile North Lewisburg Multi-Purpose Trail.

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A scene straight from a magazine cover, the historic bridge is transformed to an elegant dinner venue. A centerpiece chandelier, beautifully decorated table with seating for 100, sweeping views of the surrounding cornfields and lovely conversation with visitors and locals alike, made for one of the best dinner experiences I’ve had in Ohio.

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Explore Uptown Marysville

Marysville Historic Uptown District is home to numerous commercial buildings, churches and homes built in the mid-1800’s. Take a self-guided walking tour and marvel at the unique architecture and vintage signage.

Shop till you drop at one of Uptown Marysville’s locally owned boutiques, shops and antique stores. Betsey’s Boutique, Kendall & Blue, Little Blue Boutique, Plumm Home and Uptown Antiques offers shoppers clothing, home décor, antiques and unique gifts. 

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