The Hocking Hills region has some of the best hiking trails in Ohio. Fortunately, many Hocking Hills hiking trails are also pet-friendly, so you can bring your hiking dog along with you.

Keep reading to learn about our favorite Hocking Hills pet friendly trails.

This is the perfect trail for dogs new to hiking, or dogs you are trying to socialize, as you’ll pass many other visitors on the trail.

Ash Cave Gorge and Rim Trails

Be prepared for lots of families and other dogs; so be sure your dog is on a leash and comfortable with crowds!

Cedar Falls

Besides the cave, the trail follows a stream with a couple of waterfalls along the way.

Old Man’s Cave

The trail is fairly steep, especially if you make the climb up to the cave itself. For a view without the steep hike, there is a lookout tower near the parking area.

Rock House

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