Tulum, Mexico

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Tulum, México is located approximately 80 miles southeast of Cancún.

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Tulum is known for archeological wonders of ancient Mayan ruins. Built in the late 13th century, the Mayan city of Tulum is the only city built on the coast, and one of the few protected by a wall. 

This beautiful city of ruins invites visitors to explore the ancient city and to contemplate how the powerful Mayan civilization once lived.

We had an archeological guide, Raphael, who explained the various Mayan landmarks and guided us through the city of ruins.

After Raphael’s historical tour, we had an hour to explore the city on our own.

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After marveling the ruins, and photographing the hundreds of iguanas, we climbed down the stairs to the small, rocky beach of the Caribbean Sea.

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It is very humid at Tulum, make sure to take plenty of water, and a towel for swimming along the coast of this ancient city!

With beautiful limestone buildings, lush tropical foliage, white sandy beaches, and the brilliant blue Caribbean Sea as the background, Tulum is a gem of ancient North American civilization.

Whether you are seeking adventure in the jungle, swimming in a beautiful cenote, or learning about the ancient Mayan civilization, visiting Tulum will enhance your Méxican getaway!

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