Visiting Stonehenge

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Visiting Stonehenge has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. Although I have visited England numerous times, I never ventured far enough west to view this archeological wonder.

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There was just something about those mystical stones that were luring me to visit…

Stonehenge is located in the Salisbury Plain, west of London, about a two-hour bus ride from Central London.

Getting to Stonehenge from London

Upon arrival at the Stonehenge Visitor Center, our bus driver provided admission tickets and audio guides to use during the self-guided 1.5 hour visit.

Stonehenge Admission

As you walked around the stones, you could see Stonehenge from every angle! Stonehenge greeted us with beautiful sunny skies and brisk winds, making our visit and photographs memorable!

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So what is Stonehenge? Built almost 5,000 years ago, Stonehenge dates back to the Neolithic and Bronze Ages.

Stonehenge History

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According to archaeologists, the stone monument is the most architecturally advanced and the only surviving prehistoric stone circle in the world.

With two types of stones, bluestones and sarsens, and the interlocking joint system the ancient people designed, Stonehenge is quite remarkable for standing the test of time!

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