Before my journey, I was questioned about the reason for visiting Portugal, and my consistent answer was, "What's the reason not to visit Portugal?"

After visiting this wonderful country, I wanted to provide a few of my favorite reasons why I loved Portugal, and maybe convince others to visit lovely Portugal!

Portugal's buildings, castles, churches, monuments, museums, train stations, and streets all embody a rich and ancient history, establishing it as Europe's oldest nation-state.

1. History:

From the moment we stepped out of the metro station in Lisbon, looking at our map, a friendly local asked if we needed help and guided us to our hotel.

2. People:

Portuguese food is fresh, simple, and delicious. Being a coastal country, much of Portuguese cuisine is seafood based.

3. Food and Wine:

With almost perfect year-round weather and fantastic scenery, a visit to Portugal is picture-perfect any time of the year.

4. Scenery and Weather:

Portugal has great train systems that can take visitors to the major cities throughout the country.

5. Transportation:

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