Why Visit Portugal?

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Prior to my trip, I was asked “why visit Portugal?” and my response was always “why not visit Portugal?”

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After visiting this wonderful country, I wanted to provide a few of my favorite reasons why I loved Portugal, and maybe convince others to visit lovely Portugal!

1. History:

Portugal became a recognized independent country in 1143 A.D. With hundreds of years of history, Portugal is a delight to visit for history lovers.

2. People:

The very friendly Portuguese people often stopped to see if we needed help with directions, gave suggestions about local bars/restaurants.

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3. Food and Wine:

Portuguese food is fresh, simple, and delicious. Being a coastal country, much of Portuguese cuisine is seafood based. But you can also find meat dishes, fresh vegetables, soups and stews, breads, and wonderful fresh baked pastries.

4. Scenery and Weather:

From coastlines and beaches, coves, fishing villages, islands, mountains, rivers, rolling plains, rock formations, valleys, and even volcanic scenery on the Azorean archipelago.

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5. Transportation:

Whenever I visit a new city, I typically use public transportation. Portugal has great train systems that can take visitors to the major cities throughout the country.

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