The Book Loft


To those who know me, they know I am a book worm. I am in love with books! No electronic reading devices for me, I want to read a tangible book! Something about holding the book in my hands, turning the pages, and marking my place with a bookmark just makes my inner book nerd rejoice! So when I need a book fix, I go to The Book Loft in German Village! The Book Loft is my favorite bookstore in Columbus!

Located in historic German Village, The Book Loft, is a Civil War Era house converted into a charming bookstore. Outside, a cobblestone walkway leads you to inviting benches, peaceful water features, and a porch full of books. During the warmer months, beautiful flowers enhance the tranquil outdoor space. With a labyrinth of thirty-two rooms full of new books, The Book Loft, is a book lovers dream! With thousands of books, I could spend hours perusing the shelves and getting lost in the maze of book rooms. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and willing to assist you find the perfect book. And for all of us book-lovers, The Book Loft is opened seven days a week! So visit The Book Loft, with being one of the nation’s largest independent bookstores, I’m sure you will find the right book for you!

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Have a great weekend! Thanks for reading!


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