Discover Canada

Our neighbor to the north is as equally amazing and diverse as the United States. From rocky shores of the east coast, cosmopolitan cities with an international appeal, great plains through the central part of Canada and the Rocky Mountains to the West, Canada is a spectacular vacation destination.

Known for moose and “mounties,” Canadian friendliness is more than just a stereotype. Major cities of Canada include Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Edmonton. Many travelers visit Montreal and Quebec City to experience French-Canadian culture, as French is still widely spoken as the second official language of Canada. On Canada’s East Coast, rocky shorelines and quaint fishing villages abound in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and New Brunswick. Canada’s West Coast is equally stunning, with abundant wildlife and outdoor adventures. Places like Vancouver and Vancouver Island are an easy day trip from Seattle, while Niagara Falls and Toronto lie pretty close to Buffalo, New York.