Discover Florida

Most people think of beaches and alligators when they think of Florida. And it’s true that Florida has plenty of both, there is a lot more to offer in the sunshine state.

In the south, the Florida Keys stretch for miles into the Gulf of Mexico, to the southernmost point of the United States in Key West. The sizzling town of Miami is known for nightlife and beach bodies, with plenty of Latin culture to keep things spicy. On the gulf side, relaxed resort towns like Naples welcome retirees and families with some of the best shell-scouting beaches in the US. Tampa is another Florida city with a lively nightlife sceneand of course, we can’t forget about Orlando. Florida is one of the most-visited states in the country, thanks to the Disney empire and surrounding attractions. Florida is also home to three National Parks: Everglades National Park, Dry Tortugas National Park, and Biscayne National Park.

Florida truly has something for every kind of traveler.