North Market


One of my favorite places in Columbus is the North Market. Established in 1876, the North Market is Columbus’ only remaining public market of its kind. With thirty-five different vendors, there is something for everyone at the North Market! Friendly merchants will gladly chat about their products or give advice for preparing their products at home. Browse the market stalls for produce, flowers, fresh baked goods, fresh meat and fish, cookware, and specialty items. Dine at one of the many delicious food stalls, onsite seating options include an upstairs dining area, outside picnic tables, or a few vendors have a small bar area. Or purchase goodies to prepare at home.

While walking around the market, taste samples from specialty shops and foods from around the world. Another reason why I love the North Market, it reminds me of the markets in Europe. While I snack on waffles from the Taste of Belgium, or eat curry from Flavors of India, or Pad Thai from Nida’s Sushi and Thai, I reminisce about my travels to those countries. So whether you are an experienced traveler or have never ventured outside of the United States, the North Market has something to satisfy an array of tastes! No matter when you visit, make sure you are hungry!

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