Ohio Wineries

Photo Courtesy of www.ohiowineandfriends.wordpress.com

Photo Courtesy of www.ohiowineandfriends.wordpress.com

June is Ohio Wine Month, and with over 160 wineries located throughout Ohio, this is the perfect month to celebrate Ohio wines!

Ohio has a long history of grape production and wine making, over 150 years have passed to make Ohio wines what they have become today! From award winning wines, to dessert wines, and all other wines in between; with so many options, there will be an Ohio wine that will satisfy your wine taste!

As a self-professed oenophile (lover of wine), I love tasting new wines as well as visiting wineries and vineyards. I have tasted wines and visited wineries throughout the United States, including Napa Valley, and in several European countries! Through all the wine tastings, I have found that Ohio wines are some of my favorite wines in the world! I am proud to be an Ohio wine drinker and support Ohio wineries!

There are events all year long for Ohio wines, if you are in the Columbus area, check out the Grove City Wine and Arts Festival on June 14, and the North Market Ohio Wine Festival July 11-13. The June 2014 issue of Ohio Magazine has a feature section about Ohio wines. With so many Ohio wineries and vineyards to discover, start this weekend and enjoy an Ohio wine!

Visit www.tasteohiowines.com to find Ohio winery and vineyard information and events.

Brietenbach Riesling and Ohio Magazine

Cheers to Ohio wines!



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  1. Hello Aunt Heather!

    My mom was looking on the computer and all of a sudden we saw your picture!!!!!! We like your pictures and they are very pretty. The grape farm looks cool!

    See you soon and love you lots!

    KayLynn and Zane

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