Discover Ohio Wineries

Many people may be surprised to learn that Ohio has more than 300 wineries in the state. Of course, the Midwest is the breadbasket of our country; the ground here is perfect for agriculture. We grow wheat, corn, soy…why not grapes? And we’re not just talking mom-and-pop vineyards; Ohio has five officially designated American Viticultural Areas, or AVAs. That’s a pretty big deal! Those five are the Grand River Valley AVA, Isle St. George AVA, Lake Erie AVA, Loramie Creek AVA and the Ohio River Valley AVA. No matter where you travel in Ohio, you’re not far from one of these designated wine regions.

In the Lake Erie AVA, Ashtabula County is one of my favorite Ohio weekend getaway destinations. With over 30 wineries, you’ll need to plan a few trips to Ashtabula County to discover all the wonderful wineries in Ohio Wine Country!

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