The Best Things To Do In Marietta, Ohio

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Have you ever visited a town so charming you think to yourself, “Why haven’t I been here before?” That’s exactly what I thought when I visited Marietta, Ohio.

Things To Do In Marietta Ohio

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With a rich historical past, charming downtown and fun outdoor adventures, there’s plenty of fun things to do in Marietta Ohio!

1. Explore Marietta’s History

Sitting at the confluence of two rivers (Muskingum and Ohio) Marietta has been an important river town for centuries. Established in 1788 and the first American settlement in the Northwest Territory, Marietta is Ohio’s oldest city.

2. Ghost Encounters

Ghosts or spirits have been known to haunt Marietta. Many locals swear to have seen at least one ghost lurking around town or felt some sort of supernatural experience.

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3. Marietta Outdoor Adventures

Marietta’s river location and nearby Wayne National Forest make nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers flock to this river town.

4. Explore Downtown Marietta

With its charming brick streets, historic Victorian buildings, boutique and specialty shops, restaurants and taverns, I found myself strolling this historic main street community with a permanent smile.

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5. Visit With Welcoming Locals

Locals are warm and welcoming, provide visitors with recommendations and directions and almost every conversation led to how much they love this community.

Places To Stay In Marietta Ohio

Make the most of your visit by staying in the heart of Downtown Marietta at the historic Lafayette Hotel.

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