Indian Lake Motorcycle Ride

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With the beautiful August weather, my husband and I like to get out on the motorcycle and enjoy the open road. We love to take back country roads or two lane country highways. When riding on Ohio back roads, I am reminded how beautiful the state of Ohio is! The summer season in Ohio brings beautiful vibrant blue skies, white fluffy clouds, colorful flowers, green soybeans and corn fields awaiting to turn golden, full leafed trees, gorgeous old barns and farms, and quaint little towns. Ohio is a gorgeous state to enjoy on the motorcycle!

Indian Lake 7 Indian Lake 6 Indian Lake 5

Indian Lake 8 Indian Lake 9

Indian Lake 1 Indian Lake 3 Indian Lake 4

Taking advantage of the wonderful weather, we hopped on the bike and drove to Indian Lake. Indian Lake is located northwest of Columbus, in Logan County. This natural lake is a boaters and fisherman’s oasis in central Ohio. Motorcyclists and bicyclists can cruise around the lake on two-lane highways, and enjoy the beautiful natural setting. With local bars, restaurants, and ice cream shops, Indian Lake is an enjoyable getaway (whether for a day or long vacation). We drove around the lake, taking in the natural scenery and stopped for lunch at the Tilton Hilton. The Tilton Hilton, also known as Turkeyfoot Inn, is located in Turkey Foot Point, situated on the north side of the lake. With quite a bit of settling over the years, the building’s floor is actually tilted! The Tilton Hilton is known for their hamburgers (they are big) we shared a burger and fries and it was plenty! With good food, cold drinks, and an eclectic atmosphere, visit the Tilton Hilton next time you are at Indian Lake!

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