Snow Tubing In Ohio

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting winter activity, look no further than snow tubing! This thrilling outdoor activity is perfect for individuals, families, and friends who want to experience the magic of winter in a new and unique way. And it’s one of my favorite things to do in Ohio in the winter!

Ohio has several top-rated snow tubing destinations, each with its unique features and exciting rides. We’ll guide you through the best snow tubing spots in Ohio so you can experience the thrills of this winter pastime.

Snow tubing in Ohio

Snow Tubing In Ohio

Whether you’re an expert snow tuber or a beginner, there’s a slope tailored to your skill level. Book your tickets ahead of time, bundle up, and get ready to experience the thrills of snow tubing in Ohio!

Boston Mills/Brandywine Ski Resort, Peninsula, Ohio

Located in Peninsula, Boston Mills/Brandywine Ski Resort is one of Ohio’s most popular winter sports destinations. This premier ski resort boasts eight tubing lanes, each varying in height and length, guaranteeing fun for everyone. You can choose to ride solo or link up with friends for a group ride, which adds to the excitement. The slopes are open seven days a week, and tickets are available online, so book your adventure ahead of time.

Mad River Mountain, Zanesfield, Ohio

Mad River Mountain is Ohio’s largest ski resort, located in Zanesfield. The resort offers over 60 acres of winter sports activities, including 10 snow tubing lanes, each over 1,000 feet long. The slopes are serviced by magic carpets, making it easy for visitors to get to the top with their tubes. The hill’s steepness offers a heart-racing ride down, and the banked turns make for an extra thrilling experience.

Snow Trails, Mansfield, Ohio

Snow Trails is the Midwest’s premier ski resort, offering skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing. Located in Mansfield, Snow Trails offers 10 tubing lanes, each with a length of 1,100 feet and a vertical drop of 100 feet. The resort also offers snowmaking technology, ensuring that the slopes are accessible irrespective of weather conditions. Furthermore, Snow Trails boasts an indoor facility with a bar and grille, meaning you can take a break and refuel in between rides.

Valley’s Edge, New Paris, Ohio

Located in New Paris, Valley’s Edge boasts a 1,000-foot hill that makes for some fast tubing. The park’s lanes are made of specially treated snow that makes the ride extra fast. The park’s two cable lifts take you to the top of the hill and saves you from hiking back up with your tube, making it accessible for all ages.

Snow tubing in Ohio is an exhilarating activity that all winter sports enthusiasts must try. Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced rider, there’s a snow tubing location in Ohio that will meet your expectations. With its thrilling descents, stunning views, and unforgettable memories, you’ll be sure to come back the next winter season for another sled ride down the hills.

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