Things To Do In Amish Country Ohio In The Winter


Looking for an Ohio winter escape? Ohio’s Amish Country is the second most visited tourist destination in the state. It offers a unique opportunity to explore a different culture, right in our own backyard. There are more than 40,000 Amish living in and around Holmes County, which is the largest community of Amish in the world. While summer is a popular time to visit Ohio’s Amish Country, there are many things to do in Amish Country Ohio in the winter, too!

Things To Do In Amish Country Ohio In The Winter

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The Best Things To Do In Amish Country Ohio In The Winter

The pace is a little slower during an Amish Country Ohio winter. If you’re looking for a quiet retreat with less crowds, a visit to Amish Country in the winter makes for a wonderful Ohio getaway! These are a few of my favorite Amish Country Ohio winter activities:

Breitenbach Winery in Ohio's Amish Country
Breitenbach Winery

Visit a Winery in Amish Country Ohio

Ohio’s Amish Country is home to several wineries, and you can make a day of visiting the tasting rooms and sampling all the tasty wines. Some of my favorites are the Breitenbach Wine Cellars, Lincoln Way Vineyards, Troutman Vineyards, and the Silver Moon Winery. A glass of wine will warm you up quickly on a cold winter day!

Visit an Amish Country Cheese Chalet

The Amish remain true to their Swiss heritage in many ways. One of those traditions is cheese-making, which you can sample at one of several cheese chalets in Amish Country. You’ll definitely want to stock up on cheese at one of these shops, so be sure to pack a small cooler to store your cheese delicacies. Guggisberg Cheese, Broad Run Cheesehouse, Heini’s Cheese Chalet, and Walnut Creek Cheese are just a few of my favorites.

Enjoy Amish Cuisine

Winter is the perfect season for Amish comfort food. The Amish are known for their hearty cooking, and there are several places in and around Holmes County where you can enjoy it, too. Always save room for dessert, because the Amish also make some amazing baked goods! The Amish Door, Dutch Valley, and Der Dutchman Restaurant and Bakery are just a few spots where you can fill up on tasty Amish-style food.

Malabar Farm State Park

After a bit of wine and cheese, you might feel like burning some calories off with a trip to Malabar Farm State Park. There are nearly eight miles of trails, open to hiking and cross-country skiing, with one trail open to horses as well. You can also tour the Big House at the park and learn about the history of this piece of land, which was once purchased by Doris Duke to save it from deforesting.

Go for a Snowshoe Hike

Winter hiking or snowshoeing is such a lovely experience if you have the right clothing. Snow seems to muffle the sounds around you, and it’s fun to explore the various tracks left behind by birds and animals. The Norma Johnson Center and the Holmes County Trail are two spots for winter hiking in Amish Country.

Open Air Art Museum at The Inn at Honey Run
Holmes County Open Air Art Museum

Holmes County Open Air Art Museum

The Holmes County Open Air Art Museum is another great place for a winter stroll through the woods in Ohio’s Amish country. Located on the grounds of the Inn at Honey Run, this is a unique destination in the Midwest. Various artistic pieces are placed throughout the woods along a 1 ½-mile trail. If you love art and nature, this short trail is the perfect combination!

Watch a Live Performance

Both the Ohio Star Theater at Dutch Valley and The Amish Country Theater offer wholesome, family-friendly entertainment. Musical productions, comedies, and world-famous jugglers all call these theaters home. Tickets are very affordable, making this a great date-night idea in Amish Country.

Visit Ma & Pa’s

Sleigh rides are the best winter activity at this 18th-century cabin in the woods. The Gift Shack is a great place to shop for unique items Made in the USA, and they make their own maple syrup! After your sleigh ride, warm up with maple coffee and a fresh-baked pastry from the bakery.

Go Shopping

Amish Country is the best place to shop for antiques and high quality, hand-crafted furniture, and home decor. Lehman’s General Store has grown from a simple hardware store to a one-stop-shop for a wide range of Amish goods. The Amish are particularly well known for quality wood furniture, handmade baskets, and quilts.

Visit an Amish Museum

Ohio’s Amish Country has several interesting museums where you can learn about local history and stay warm from the cold Ohio winter. The Millersburg Glass Museum has the largest collection of Millersburg glass, while the Ernest Warther Museum pays homage to Ernest Warther, a renowned wood carving artist. At the Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center, you can learn about the history of the Amish and see the Behalt, a 265-foot long mural.

Amish Country Ohio Winter
Scenic Winter Drive Through Amish Country

Drive the Amish Country Byway

Take this scenic drive through Ohio’s Amish Country and see the Amish going about their everyday lives. Drive carefully and always be on alert for buggies on the road and be cautious when driving the country roads in the winter!

Visit some of the villages along the way, including:

  • Sugarcreek, also known as “Little Switzerland of Ohio” and home of the world’s largest cuckoo clock
  • Walnut Creek, home of Walnut Creek Cheese
  • Berlin, a quaint town with numerous shops carrying locally-made goods
  • Millersburg, the seat of Holmes County with a thriving downtown full of shopping and eating venues.
World's Largest Cuckoo Clock in Sugarcreek, Ohio
The World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock in Sugarcreek

While winter in Ohio can be cold and dreary, embrace the season to have a quiet and peaceful Amish Country getaway. There’s plenty of things to do in Amish Country Ohio in the winter! Do you have a favorite winter activity in Ohio’s Amish Country?


Winter in Ohio's Amish Country

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