Discover Israel

Traveling to Israel may seem like a daunting journey for some, given the political and religious conflicts that have been occurring here for decades. However, for the intrepid traveler brave enough to quiet the naysayers, a trip to Israel is like no other.

Whether you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim or just a fan of ancient history, the historic religious sites in Israel are unrivaled anywhere else in the world! No trip to Israel is long enough to explore all of the amazing archeological sites, but most Israel tours will hit the highlights, which include the Wailing Wall, the Western Wall, Mount Zion, and the Old City of Jerusalem. For religious travelers, a visit to Israel is like walking through the New Testament.

Religious history is not the only reason to visit Israel, however. Israel beaches also happen to draw travelers looking to relax for a few days. Between the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea, there are many Israel beaches to explore.